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Do I Really Need A Microphone For The Ceremony? — Short answer to this question is YES! Unless your guest list is less than 40, you should have a microphone and speaker set up by your Wedding DJ.

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There are a few things that will play a role in the determination, but for the most part, the 40 person rule is golden.

Some factors maybe if your ceremony is inside or outside. If your ceremony is outside, the chances of needing a microphone is then much higher since the space is obviously open air, no walls, and will have the typical background noises of the outside world.

Water front ceremony

When your ceremony is held inside, the atmosphere can be a little more forgiving because you have walls for the sound to bounce off from, and much less noise from the outside world.

However, this may not be enough to determine whether or not a microphone should be used, as it also depends on the room size, and how tightly packed or spread out your guests seating are, how high the ceiling might be, and at what kind of angles and materials the ceiling maybe made of.

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Another odd factor that can come into play whether you are inside or outside, is the sound waves being able to penetrate around the bodies of the guests themselves.

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But let’s put aside all those in depth details, and concentrate on the magic number.

“40” is the best and simple rule when it comes to ensuring your guests can hear what’s happening in your ceremony, big guest list or small.

This is me rockin the ceremony to perfection. Thanks for reading, and I hope your wedding g ceremony goes perfectly!


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