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Importance Music Selection

Picking the right music to play at any given time is an art in itself. From the thousands of available songs, a DJ has to consider many options; How the next song will mix with the selection currently playing, what the clients like, what the guests are responding to, guest requests, who’s currently on the dance floor and who’s not, and when it’s time to change the pace or style of music.

At the right moment, a contrasting change in music can add energy and diversity while keeping the celebration from getting stale. Contrasting at the wrong time, as many inexperienced DJs might, can be a disaster if only temporary. But a great DJ must know what songs are the “enablers” to set the tone for key moments, and play them at exactly the right time to keep all aspects of the evening running smooth and highly enjoyable.

We’ve got countless songs to choose from, and if it’s not already in our library, we can usually download a high quality copy of it in seconds if we have a good internet connection.

We also want to assure you that our complete library is stored and accessed on a local drive, so we never rely on an internet connection and streaming service to perform. We love reliability, and think you would too.

We generally ask you for a list of 10 of your favorite songs, and 10 of your black list songs so we can get an idea of your music style. You’re not alone, – the chicken dance, electric slide, the hampster dance, and others like it are commonly banned from being played at events and are not my style at all. Unless of course you personally request it for your event.

As you may already be aware, there are special songs to consider, especially when it comes to weddings:


  • Prelude Music (guests being seated)
  • Bride’s Maids Procession Music (walking down isle)
  • Bride Procession Music (for the Bride walking down the isle)
  • Recessional Music (escorting Bride after it is official!)

Cocktail Hour:

We offer two options for the cocktail hour!

  • DJ Chillin McMillin – Popular songs that everyone knows that will set the atmosphere for your reception.
  • A Live musician that will add an amazing change of atmosphere, and the ultimate spin on your celebration.


The list above is intended to assist you with your planning, so feel free to make adjustments. This is your day, your moment, and we’re working for you.

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