Ric & Marissa’s Wedding Story

Marissa’s Testimonial:

“Wow! My husband and I were so impressed with Matt! We would have been lost without him on our wedding day!! It was amazing, Matt became more than just a DJ that night, he directed the wedding, took photos, videos, and even motivated my husbands “last minute vows”. He communicated with us extremely well from the start and LISTENED to our needs/wants. Things were handled at the wedding that I didn’t even know about! (THANK YOU MATT!!!) Hands down a nice, genuine, and cool guy. Matt KILLED it at our wedding! He was both professional and fun and he kept both my husband and I on track during the wedding. So many of my wedding guests spoke very highly of him as well! Who knew Awesome DJs could double as wedding day planners as well?! Great job, Matt!”

Savanah’s Testimonial:

“Matty and his crew worked at my cousins wedding this past fall. Not only did he play a great selection of music, but they also had fun ways to get the crowd involved and out of their seats while waiting for dinner, speeches, etc. He also brought in his own video cameras to record every special moment and his own photography team (at no extra cost) which made sure no moment was left unforgotten. He later made a compilation video of the entire night as well as posted the pictures he took extremely quickly. He also brought a mic and speaker set up so we could sing and play guitar while my cousin walked down the aisle. It was absolutely professional and personal all at the same time. I would HIGHLY recommend using him for any event. He takes care of all the little things you don’t always remember to do which allows you enjoy yourself that much more. Thank you so much again for your outstanding efforts.”

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Event Details:

Event Date: October 20, 2018
Venue: Mt Pleasant Golf Club
Guest Count: 180
Chosen Package: Popular
Photographer: Thomas Wainwright

Venue Review by DJ Chillin McMillin:

“I love this wedding venue! I was recently the wedding DJ for Ric & Marissa AND Ryan & Erin’s wedding at the Mount Pleasant Golf Club, and I couldn’t be happier about this venue! I have been a wedding DJ for 20 years, and perform at about 60 wedding venues a year, and I just have to recommend this venue! They have a fantastic view, perfect location for catering and serving, a GIANT bar, and a very classy and large reception area! The dance floor is one of the biggest I have seen. What a fantastic staff at this venue too! Very helpful and accommodating, and from a vendor standpoint, VERY easy to work with! Excellent work you guys, and I hope to see you again soon! Cheers! ~ DJ Chillin McMillin”

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