Matt & Stephanie’s Wedding Story

Matt’s Testimonial:

“Greatest DJ. Don’t @ me. My wedding day could not have been as amazing as it was without him. The music was the only part of the experience that my wife and I did not have to worry about. after only a few phone calls and a meeting at Starbucks, we made the best wedding decision (aside from each other) and we made a new friend. Not only did he provide the most amazing music experience, he’s quite the emcee! This man can hold the attention of a 4 year old at a wedding, that’s how good he is. Any other event I plan in the future, DJ Chillin McMillin is the first phone call. BET.”

Stephanie’s Testimonial:

“Matt did our wedding this past Saturday and it was hands down the least stressful part of planning a wedding. He helped take care of everything, and I swear my husband and I like to think we made a new friend as well! Matt is such a sweet guy, fun and awesome at what he does! DO NOT REGRET IT!”

Michael’s Testimonial:

“He did my son’s wedding and was phenomenal!”

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Event Details:

Event Date: May 4, 2019
Venue: American Legion, Medford, MA
Guest Count: 115
Chosen Package: Popular
Photographer: Friend of the family

Venue Review by DJ Chillin McMillin:

Venue rating is in progress! 🙂

DJ Chillin McMillin’s story:

Story Coming soon!

Photo Gallery!

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