John & Maria’s Wedding Story

Maria’s Testimonial:

“Matt is more than just a DJ- he treated my husband and I like we were his friends, and our wedding day like it was as important as his own. Not only did he provide music, but he brought lights, took excellent photos, and ran the reception with infectious positive energy on the hottest day of the summer. Matt is professional, fun, talented, and caring. I can not recommend Matt more as a DJ and as a person.”

John’s Testimonial:

“Matt was awesome! I can’t thank him enough for how smoothly our wedding reception went. The music was on point. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ!”

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Event Details:

Event Date: July 20, 2019
Venue: NH Audubon, Auburn, NH
Guest Count: 200
Chosen Package: Popular

Venue Review by DJ Chillin McMillin:

” What a beautiful venue! I had such a great time DJing at the Audubon Messabesic Center for John & Maria’s wedding! The staff was excellent, the venue was clean, and the wildlife and view were fantastic! There is a cozy but spacious cocktail hour lounge. The wedding was a HOT one (99 degrees that day), but the staff went out of the way to ensure there were places and means for people to cool off. As a wedding DJ, I personally perform for about 60 wedding venues a year, and this venue has an excellent outdoors vibe! Excellent work to all of you, Cheers! ~ DJ Chillin McMillin “

DJ Chillin McMillin’s story:

Story Coming soon!

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