Jesse & Allison’s Wedding Story

Allison’s Testimonial:

“Matt was honestly the most incredible DJ! We asked him to DJ our 15 year vow renewal…not only was the music great, he adapted what I think most would consider a “normal” wedding schedule into what our vision was for the day! When he says it’s the easiest decision about the day you will make, he is 100% right. We would absolutely hire him again for any event in the future, and better yet we would invite him to come hangout in a heartbeat. Down to earth, realistic and on his game…you can’t go wrong hiring DJ Chillin McMillin :)”

Alyssa’s Testimonial:

“I love this DJ and it really doesn’t get much better than him!! How many DJ’s do you know that have a photographer who takes amazing photos and gives them to you within a few days of your event!!?? He is kind, fun (yet very professional) played great music and really kept the crowed entertained and moving all night!!! It is obvious he loves his job!! “

If you think we did a great job at the event, feel free to leave a quick testimonial that we can add to this story!

Event Details:

Event Date: August 31, 2019
Venue: At their home in a tent
Guest Count: 100
Chosen Package: Popular (with fog)
Photographer: NorthEast Profile Photography

Photo Gallery!

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