Donna & Laura’s Wedding Story

Laura’s Testimonial:

“We hired Matt for our wedding this past weekend and he did a wonderful job. He was attentive from the very first contact through our wedding day. To our pleasant surprise, he provided an unexpected wedding gift that was quite the memorable touch! He is genuine, easy to talk to and wants to ensure everyone has a good time. Recommend! “

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Event Details:

Event Date: September 14, 2019
Venue: Old Mill, Westminster, MA
Guest Count: 76
Chosen Package: Simple
Photographer: Veronica Patty (DJ Chillin Highly Recommends)
Justice of the Peace:Carl Mountain (DJ Chillin Highly Recommends)

Venue Review by DJ Chillin McMillin:

August 28th 2015 ~ Original Review!
All I can say is this is yet another beautiful venue for a wedding! As a wedding DJ for over 20 years, I must say this is a fantastic place to get hitched! I had the pleasure of DJing Nick & Jen’s wedding at the Old Mill, and I was very impressed with the staff, layout, and scenery, and transition between Ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception is excellent. You will not be disappointed, and I am please to say that I will be making another visit soon to DJ Donna & Laura’s wedding next month! See you then, and keep up the great work! Cheers! ~ DJ Chillin McMillin

September 16th 2019 ~ Another Review!
Ok, so I am back after performing as Donna & Laura’s wedding DJ this past weekend, and this time, you all blew me away! Before we set up, we had lunch. My assistant and I ordered the clam chowder, and it was the best I have ever had! I won’t tell my grandmother… Brittany was my server for lunch, and I learned that she will also be working the same wedding later too! Her service was fast, clean and extremely tasty! The atmosphere is just how I remembered it. Every detail ~ breathtaking. The staff was absolutely amazing! A quick shout out to Lilly too! Retta the wedding coordinator was on point. She sure knows her stuff which made working with her an absolute breeze! Not only do I still recommend this venue for a wedding, but also a great date idea or family lunch or dinner trip! I currently DJ about 60+ weddings a year, and this place is at the top of my list as the most memorable. You guys rocked it, and I hope to see you again in the near future! Cheers! ~ DJ Chillin McMillin

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