Dean & Kaitlin’s Wedding Story

Kaitlin’s Testimonial:

“Matt was an exceptional DJ. He was friendly, responsive, and went above and beyond. He truly wants to make his clients have the best event. He is extremely organized and detailed and will ensure that you get exactly what you ask for the day of. Our family couldn’t have raved more about him, and we/they truly believe he made our reception that much better! He even got family members on the dance floor that don’t even dance and took photos of everyone without us even having to ask. You will not regret hiring Matt for any DJ’ing service, and I would recommend him to anyone! “

If you think we did a great job at the event, feel free to leave a quick testimonial that we can add to this story!

Event Details:

Event Date: April 27, 2019
Venue: Alpine Grove, Hollis, NH
Guest Count: 60
Chosen Package: Simple

Venue Review by DJ Chillin McMillin:

“Service is pure gold. I am a wedding DJ and I’ve seen it all, and I must say their staff is some of the best I’ve seen! Very accommodating, and no matter what kind of event you are having, I have seen the tables always dressed to impress. I honestly felt under dressed for an event when I came in to set up just by looking at the tables. I had the pleasure of performing there many times over the years, and twice in the last two weeks, one for a wedding, and another for a 50th anniversary, and I was just as impressed as ever with the staff and the detail they provide than ever before. And the food! OMG!!! If I DJ’d there every week they’ll end up needing to adopt me. LOL They really have the food down to a science. You want a place to have your function? This is the place. This.. is.. the… place!! You won’t be disappointed!”

Photo Gallery!

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