David & Missy’s Wedding Story


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Event Details:

Event Date: September 1st, 2018
Venue: LaBrasa Restaurant, Somerville, MA
Guest Count: 50
Chosen Package: Simple

Venue Review by DJ Chillin McMillin:

I love this venue! I had the pleasure of DJing a wedding for David & Missy recently, and I was very impressed! Very cool interior design, amazing food, and flawlessly accommodating. If you are looking for a classy, cozy and interesting place to have a wedding, or simply out for dining, I highly recommend La Brasa! As a wedding DJ, this is a place that has found a special place in my memory. Excellent work! Cheers!!! ~ DJ Chillin McMillin

DJ Chillin McMillin’s story:

I arrived at LaBrasa in Somerville MA for David & Missy’s wedding, and my immediate thought was how cool the design was for this group. They loved R&B and Hip Hop, even a little gangster rap, which I do have to admit is very rare implementing into my set. This meant I had some research to do, but they both said that I absolutely NAILED IT!

The is nothing more refreshing knowing that all the hours planning and researching for an event that is usually out of your comfort zone can pay off with enthusiasm. That moment half way through the night where I was still totally unsure about my performance and if I did the right thing taking on this opportunity, and both the Bride & Groom come up out of nowhere raving about the music before the dancing set had even started.

I felt so refreshed!

The rest of the night went fantastically with a jam packed dance floor, and a simplistic booth set up in the corner, but still prominent enough for a small venue like this to demand dancing and the best entertainment quality possible.

They finished the night with a sparkler send off, and group hugs all around, and it is absolutely a wedding for the books. I wish them the happiest life together! ~ DJ Chillin McMillin

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