Chad & Kendall’s Wedding Story

Kendall’s Testimonial:

“This guy! THIS GUY RIGHT HERE!!! He’s awesome!! Matt made our wedding day so simple & so much fun. He always made sure everything was going to plan & if anything needed to be changed as the day went on, he made it happen. Matt got the party started & kept it going. We had so much fun with him that my husband & I are going to think of another party to have so he can DJ for us again! Thank you Matt for the amazing night & unforgettable memories. I want to thank your wife Jennifer too for communicating with me during the planning & for scheduling the times for you & I to chat. You guys are the best! Thank you so much!
Kendall & Chad”

Chad’s Testimonial:

“Matt, I want to personally thank you for everything you did on our wedding day. Everything went smoothly even with our last second changes. I can’t thank you enough. You are the man!”

If you think we did a great job at the event, feel free to leave a quick testimonial that we can add to this story!

Event Details:

Event Date: June 29, 2019
Venue: Home in a tent
Guest Count: 100
Chosen Package: Simple

Photo Gallery!

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