Bob & Marcia’s Wedding Story

Marcia’s Testimonial:

“I found Matt on line .he caught my eye because we coincidentally had same last relation..when we spoke to him, we liked him instantly… he was fun, outgoing and organized.. our wedding was a big hit because of Matt. Everyone was dancing and laughing all night.. in fact, I had numerous guests ask me about the Dj and saying he was awesome! And that it was the best wedding they’ve been to..We all had a blast because of Matt! Thank you again Matt McMillin!!
Marcia and Bob Tula”

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Event Details:

Event Date: August 4th, 2018
Venue: Spencer Country Inn
Guest Count: 125
Chosen Package: Popular

Venue Review by DJ Chillin McMillin:

“The Spencer Country Inn is a fabulous place to have your wedding! I was recently a DJ for Bob & Marsha’s wedding, and I was highly impressed with the venue’s look and level of service. Set on a hill top with excellent views, there is a perfect outdoor spot for the ceremony and cocktail hour. When you first walk into the main reception hall, prepare yourself for the gorgeous… The reception hall is beautiful, detailed in design, HUGE, and has an amazing large fireplace that is the perfect back drop for family and friend’s photos. The staff was absolutely amazing at the Spencer Country Inn, and highly organized. As a wedding DJ, I personally perform for about 60 wedding venues a year, and this is yet another venue I will never forget! Excellent work to all of you, Cheers! ~ DJ Chillin McMillin”

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