Aidan's Bar Mitzvah Story

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Event Details:

Event Date: December 7, 2019
Venue: Renaissance Hotel, Foxborough, MA
Guest Count: 52
Chosen Package: Popular Plus
Photographer: Heller Photography

DJ’s Venue Review:

I just performed as a DJ for a Bar Mitzvah this past weekend, and I must say the staff at the Renaissance Hotel in Foxborough were awesome! Everyone was so helpful, respectful, understanding in a particular odd needs, and super accommodating during a crunch, and was SO APPRECIATED! The function room was classy, state of the art, and very clean. The room was surprisingly perfect for sound acoustics given the actual layout and I was impressed, while at the same time, the layout provided a great view no matter where you were in the room, without compromising space. Huge dance floor, and great food too! I highly recommend anyone looking for a classy event near Foxborough to host it at the Renaissance Hotel. Great work everyone, and hope to see you soon! Cheers! ~ DJ Chillin McMillin

DJ Chillin McMillin’s Complimentary Photos!

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