Adam & Brianna’s Wedding Story

Brianna’s Testimonial:

“Honestly I cannot say enough good things about DJ Chillin McMillin. He made everything so incredibly easy leading up until the wedding and especially the day of. My husband actually asked me at one point if he was our wedding coordinator because he was so helpful! I sent him songs I wanted to hear and he played them all and played a perfect mix of music that everyone loved and it was spot on! He was a dj, a photographer, a videographer, and so much more. He honestly goes above and beyond and I’d recommend him for any event if you want to have an amazing time!”

Steve’s Testimonial:

Matt did our nieces wedding last Sunday – what a great guy! Outstanding job and a very genuine person. Thank you DJ Chillin!!

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Event Details:

Event Date: September 23, 2018
Venue: Piers Barn, Topsfield, MA
Guest Count: 100
Chosen Package: Popular

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